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About Us

At Accent Touch we believe that creation has no boundaries. Where our imagination takes us, we follow then design. That is the vision shared by Isabelle Domkam, the founder of Accent Touch based in Atlanta, Georgia. We want to share our creations by providing you with unique home décor accessories. If you love fashion, luxury, and avant-garde designs, then you came to the right place. The name “Accent Touch” describes how a little highlight or emphasis, the “Touch”, can exceptionally transform an ordinary design to become an “Accent” in its environment.

Accent Touch

Isabelle’s mother ,Celestine ,wearing the Juju Hat and Isabelle during a traditional ceremony in Cameroon.


Accent Touch

Accent Touch pillows are handcrafted in the USA.

Accent Touch Pillows

Our vision is to create atypical, elegant, and sophisticated pieces of décor. The Accent Touch pillow collection is handcrafted in USA. Our decorative pillows are made with sophisticated fabrics, custom-made buckles, fashion zippers and faux-fur. The “Queen” pillows with front buckle and the patented “Rook” reversible pillows are Accent Touch original designs.

     Juju Hats

We added Juju Hats to the collection because of the connection Isabelle has with those artful pieces.  Isabelle was born and raised in France, with her roots in Cameroon. In January 2016, she intended a traditional ceremony in Cameroon for her late grandmother. Close family members worn the Juju Hat for the traditional dances. She describes the ceremony as a beautiful homage to her grandmother. When she returned to Atlanta, she decided to include those artful pieces that represent her heritage to the Accent Touch collection. She is originally from the region in Cameroon where Juju Hats are handcrafted. We are working passionately with amazing artisans to bring the best Juju Hats to you.

Make a statement

Make a statement that speaks volumes with those must have-pieces. Your décor will look amazing! There’re many more treasures coming your way. For now, Mesdames, Mesdemoiselles, et Monsieurs, enjoy the distinctive conversation pieces of art available to you!

      Accent Touch.