About Us

At Accent Touch  we believe that creation has no boundaries. We want to share this vison with you.

Accent Touch was founded in 2014 in Atlanta Georgia by Isabelle F. Domkam. Her mission is to provide you with the best home décor accessories from the US and Cameroon, her country of origin. Our collections include a variety of accessories. The decorative pillows are handmade in the USA with imported fabrics. The masks, shields, Tikar bangles and Kirdy artistries are imported from Cameroon. Also, our large selection of Juju Hats is well cherished in the interior décor world. We provide high quality Juju Hats handcrafted by traditional artisans in West Cameroon, home birth of traditional Bamileke headdresses (Juju Hats).

The name “Accent Touch” describes how a little highlight or emphasis, the “Touch”, can exceptionally transform an ordinary design to become an “Accent” in its environment. Let us transform you’re your interior. See you soon.

Accent Touch.