Accent Touch

Ousmane African Passport Mask - 3"x 5"x 3"


Mask dimension: 3" x 5"

Material: Clay

Origin: Cameroon

Stand sold separately.

Can be mounted on the wall.

 African Passport Mask 

 Before colonialism, Passport African Masks were used by people in West and Central Africa, principally in Cameroon, Gabon, and Congo. These little masks were used as an identity card/passport to travel between villages or outside the country's borders. Passport masks were a representation of the individual who wears them based on his social status, profession, and maturity. Masks color and design also had their meaning. In a general rule, the more colorful the mask, the younger was the carrier. Colorful masks were worn by young apprentices. Color lessens with maturity, social status, and skills. Monocolor masks were mostly those of counselors or masters. 

Examples of Passport Masks: Healers, Hunters, Masons, Fishermen, Blacksmiths, Cultivators, Pastors, Notables, Storytellers, Griots, Musicians, Wrestlers, Dancers, Sculptors, Painters, Potters, Weavers, Visionaries, Goddess of Beauty, Sage ...

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