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Green Tikar Bangle -14"

$105.00 $125.00



Origin: The bangle and stand are handcrafted in Cameroon.

Color: Green

Composition:  Clay, gloss beads, metal, resin.

Height : 

Weight approx: 4.0 lbs.

 Tikar Bangles originate from the Tikar ethnic group in the Central Region of Cameroon. They are molded with clay in a “donut” like shape, then covered with beads strings. Beaded Tikar Bangles are inspired by the original bangles made of metal used during the slave trade as a currency exchange. Nowadays, Tikar Bangles can be offered as part of the dowry. Tikar Bangles pieces are full of tradition and history. They are the perfect discussion piece and ornament for any room.

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