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Tell It All Pillow

$169.00 $229.00

Life is golden.

The Tell it All pillow with painted motifs is a life interpretation inspired by African graphic art.

Each pillow is individually painted by hand. Each pillow tells a story on its own. 

The ascendant arrows symbolize growth, the declining arrows represent the downfall, the parallel strikes are for stability and consistency, the dots for individuality. In our journey through life many events can catalyze our growth in a short period. Such as leaving the family nest or becoming a parent. These meaningful events are reinforced with a thicker bar on the arrow. The same reinforcement applies to downfalls or deceptions. It can be progressive or sudden.  Opposite arrows on a growth or declining movements represent hope and perseverance. Crossed parallel strikes contradict the illusion of stability. Sometimes appearances can be deceiving.




  • Polyester / High pile velvet pillow.
  • Paint.
  • Bottom zipper closure.
  • Dry clean.
  • Fabric imported from Turkey.
  • Handmade in the USA  

Note: The alignment of the graphics are different for each pillow. No pillows are identical. For custom  work please send us an email. 

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