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Traditional Bamileke Stool /Coffee Table 19" x 18"x 19"


Traditional Bamileke Stool

Dimension: 19" diameter,18" high

Weigh: 20 lbs

Origin: Cameroon

Made from the hatching of a single piece of wood.

This artful traditional Bamileke table is hand carved from a tree trunk. In preparation, the lumber is sunk in water to soften the material before the engraving work. Historically, those tables were only reserved for the Chief seating during ceremonies. They represent power, magnificence, and social status. The sculpting of the “X” shapes on the table surface, is to evoke those of a spider web. In the Bamileke tribe, spider webs represent the connection with ancestors and the balance between past present and future generations. Because the table circumference depends on the trunk size, not all tables are exactly the same. This stool can be used as a coffee table. It’s a great accent piece for any room.

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