Accent Touch

Wooden Punu Mask with Beads and Cowrie Shells.


Mask dimension: 15"x 9"x 6"

Mask weight: 3.4 lbs

Material: Wood, bead, cowrie shells.

Origin: Gabon

This Punu woman mask celebrates the Bantu ethnic group from the southern region of Gabon. This piece of art is made of wood, meticulously carved by artisans in Africa, and then adorned with thousands of white, black, and red beads, applied by hand. This is the result of many long days and hours of labor. The gracefulness of this African woman's face, with its distinctive forehead, is very attractive. The symmetrical hairdo is crowned with 161 cowrie shells, which symbolize womanhood and wealth. This traditional hairstyle reflects the importance of hair grooming and styling in Punu culture. This mask represents the Punu ideal of female beauty. The closed eyes on the mask symbolize a meditative or trance-like state as if they are in communication with the spiritual world. that it is a common feature of Punu masks and is associated with meditation or communication with the spiritual world.

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